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  1. Brant Weatherford says:


    Mary showed me your site and I really like what you have done with the site and with the music. And your instruments are really great. The craftsmanship is really remarkable. I can’t wait for you to post some of your recent blues playing. Bt.

  2. Karl L. Eggert says:

    Hallo Stephen,
    your guitar composing and playing is new to me, and I am very fond of it. How do you manage playing so well much differing instruments as renaissance lute and stell string guitar?
    All the best

  3. Bidisha says:

    Hello Stephen!
    If you’d remember me, we met at your Church during the Easter and talked about veganism and Gandhi, religion etc. I just want to thank you for this wonderful site of yours. I love your art, especially the poetry and have read most of them!! About music, I am really intrigued about these ancient instruments that you play. I hope we keep in touch!