Fifty Shades of Blue



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Fifty Shades of Blue:
Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Solos Tab



Dark Day Blues Tab
The Deep Blue C Blues Tab
Friday Blues Tab
Walkin’ Shoes Blues Tab
Slow Cookin’ Blues Tab
Don’t Ya Bb Blues Tab
Black Cat Blues Tab
Lazy Afternoon Blues Tab
Empty Coffee Cup Blues Tab
Double Stop Blues Tab
Walk in the Park Blues Tab
Kickin’ Back Blues Tab
B-Wildered Blues Tab
Sweet Home Denton Blues Tab
Don’t Mess With Me Blues Tab
Epsilon Delta Blues Tab
Chump Boy Blues Tab
Late November Blues Tab
Backwoods Blues Tab
2:00 a. m. Blues Tab
C Ya Later Blues Tab
Back Home Blues Tab
Open String Blues Tab
Country Road Blues Tab
R. Peggio’s Blues Tab
Tritone Blues Tab
D-cember Blues Tab
Still Shufflin’ Blues Tab
Coal Minor Blues Tab
Speakeasy Blues Tab
Christmas Eve Blues, 2012 Tab
Raggedy Blues Tab
Let It Slide Blues Tab
G. Wiliker’s Blues Tab
Elementary Blues Tab
Austin Blues Tab
Red River Blues Tab
Back Porch Blues Tab
Spring Break Blues Tab
Down and Out Blues Tab
F-Ervescent Blues Tab
Your Grandpa’s Blues Tab
Foot Tappin’ Blues Tab
A-OK Blues Tab
Tucson Blues Tab
Simplicity Blues Tab
Ozark Blues Tab
Chord Tone Blues Tab
Open Position Blues Tab
Bittersweet Blues Tab


  1. admin says:

    James Stevenson
    Submitted on 2015/11/22 at 5:29 pm

    Just came across this site. Sooooo cool, and that’s with just a quick look. Thanks Stephen, for sharing 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Mark Day
    Submitted on 2013/01/16 at 1:23 am

    Stephen, this site is really great. I like the logical way you laid everything out. Your work is top notch in every way. I can’t say enough good things about it. The original compositions, the playing, including tab, the instrumentation (there is not a lot of recordings out there of Renaissance guitar or recorder, not to mention vihuela). It’s very inspiring.