Live From Old Joe’s Barroom



Old Joe’s Barroom is a fictional place where I hang out with my friends (also fictional), drink beer (not fictional), and listen to the legendary (but fictional) 1920s blues guitarist Stevie-Boy Blue (who in my overactive fantasy life I imagine myself to be). These are a few of the tunes I have heard him play.


Please use the playlist above to listen to the selections successively, or click on a titled below to hear an individual piece.


Live From Old Joe’s Barroom             Complete Tab


I Choose the Blues Tab
I Got No Blues Taboos Tab
I Never Wanna Lose the Blues Tab
I Can’t Refuse the Blues Tab
Don’t Accuse My Blues Tab
Payin’ My Blues Dues Tab
My Suede Blues Shoes Tab
I Could Use Some Blues Tab
Light My Blues Fuse Tab
Drinkin’ Booze and Playin’ Blues Tab
Good News Blues Tab
Infuse Me with the Blues Tab
Takin’ a Blues Cruise Tab
My Views on the Blues Tab
I Won’t Excuse My Blues Tab
No One Rues the Blues Tab
Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’ Tab
I Take My Cues from the Blues Tab
Blues Enthused Tab
The Blues Schmooze Tab
Transfuse Me with the Blues Tab
Have Some Brews with Your Blues Tab
Different Hues of Blues Tab
Can’t Snooze through the Blues Tab
My Muse? Lady Blues Tab





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