New Delta Blues



The following collection of fifty blues pieces, which will be posted gradually over the next few months, is written more or less in the Delta style, though some of them show clear influences of ragtime and the occasional jazz chord appears in passing. In spite of these stylistic deviations, the collection is intended to pay tribute to pre-WWII blues artists, whose music continues to move its listeners and inspire musicians and singers today. The titles of the individual pieces, though arbitrary, refer to various aspects of life in the Mississippi Delta in the prewar period.


Please use the playlist above to listen to the selections successively, or click on a titled below to hear an individual piece.

New Delta Blues

Riverfront Blues Tab
Catfish Blues Tab
Cottonfield Blues Tab
Sharecropper Blues Tab
Yazoo City Blues Tab
Jim Crow Blues Tab
Tobacco Leaf Blues Tab
Floodplain Blues Tab
Sugarcane Blues Tab




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